Случаите с Тибетската будистка академия „Ларунг Гар“ и Илхам Тохти
декември 15, 2016
Поредна международна организация се обяви в подкрепа на петицията срещу забраната за използване на майчин език по време на предизборна кампания
декември 17, 2016

Дейност на Комисията по петиции през 2015 г. (разискване)

Ilhan Kyuchyuk (ALDE ). – Madam President, the right to petition is a valuable tool that allows every European citizen to actively participate in the democratic life of the EU by drawing the attention of the MEPs, the institutions and Member States to issues that concern them. The right to petition is of great importance since it strengthens the constructive dialogue between citizens and the EU institutions.

In this context, I would like to congratulate my colleagues working in the Committee on Petitions and particularly the Chair, Cecilia Wikström, for their tireless efforts to preserve EU democracy and to engage European citizens, to safeguard fundamental rights and to improve the well-being of our societies.

I personally submitted a petition on the total ban on use of languages other than Bulgarian in election campaigns, which is already supported by over 20 000 people. I did this as an EU citizen because I would like to live in a truly democratic EU where all Member States preserve and protect human rights, including minority rights.

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