Положението в Полша (B8-0461/2016, B8-0463/2016, B8-0464/2016, B8-0465/2016)
април 13, 2016
Мобилизиране на средства от Европейския фонд за приспособяване към глобализацията: заявление EGF/2015/009 SE/Volvo Trucks (A8-0077/2016 – Victor Negrescu)
април 13, 2016

Епидемията, предизвикана от вируса Зика (B8-0449/2016)

 Ilhan Kyuchyuk (ALDE ), in writing

Sadly, the Zika virus, responsible for numerous cases of death and birth defects in Brazil, is spreading rapidly in Latin America and Caribbean. This trend is very embarrassing particularly when we take into account the fact that there is no vaccine to prevent or medicine to threat Zika virus. In this regard, EU response to the Zika virus should be on one hand immediate and on the other similar to the response that the Union had to Ebola outbreak. This means that the EU should mobilise political, financial and scientific resources to help contain, control, treat and ultimately defeat Zika. The fight against Zika virus in reality is a fight for the future of humanity therefore the EU should lead this fight.

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