Ролята на ЕС в рамките на международните финансови, парични и регулаторни институции и органи (A8-0027/2016 – Sylvie Goulard)
април 12, 2016
Към подобрено регулиране на единния пазар (A8-0278/2015 – Anneleen Van Bossuyt)
април 12, 2016

Еразъм+ и други инструменти за насърчаване на мобилност при професионалното образование и обучение (A8-0049/2016 – Ernest Maragall)

Ilhan Kyuchyuk (ALDE )

Mr President, I voted in favour of this report, because mobility in vocational education and training (VET) is a source of genuine and diverse learning experience. Unfortunately, just a small percentage of young people currently in professional training are involved in a mobility programme during their training. Experience-oriented education, and of course the learning and training mobility within it, incorporates inputs from the business environment to enable participants to react in a flexible way to the rapidly changing world and labour market demands. Individuals need to be motivated to engage in mobility and to take up lifelong learning through efficient and sustainable financing tools and themes. Erasmus+ proved to be the most successful mobility programme, but we should do better in organising, facilitating and promoting mobility in VET and ensuring full recognition of the knowledge and skills acquired in the context of VET. It also has to be clear that the modernisation of VET systems for lifelong learning and mobility require active involvement and commitment from all stakeholders.

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