Равенство между половете и предоставяне на възможности за заемане на ръководни длъжности на жените в ерата на цифровите технологии (A8-0048/2016 – Terry Reintke)
април 28, 2016
Нападенията над болници и училища като нарушения на международното хуманитарно право (B8-0488/2016, B8-0488/2016, B8-0489/2016, B8-0490/2016, B8-0491/2016, B8-0492/2016, B8-0493/2016)
април 28, 2016

Жените домашни помощници и болногледачки в ЕС (A8-0053/2016 – Kostadinka Kuneva)

Илхан Кючюк (ALDE ), in writing

I have supported the resolution because it is in the best interest of more than 2.5 million EU citizens, who work in domestic work sector, to promote the professional recognition of the skills and qualifications of domestic workers and carers. Тhe professionalization of the domestic work and care sector will not only increase the level of provided services but also will certainly create more jobs in the growing sector because there will be a place for professional development. In this regard, the EU Commission should work extensively with the member states in order to find a common way to develop and recognise the skills of domestic workers in particular of women domestic workers and cares. In addition, it is important to note that women are very vulnerable as domestic workers and cares therefore they are victims of mental and physical abuse. In this context, the Commission should work with member states in order to prevent violations and abuses and to protect their rights.

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