Statement on the kidnapping of chair of PARNAS Youth
април 26, 2016
Равенство между половете и предоставяне на възможности за заемане на ръководни длъжности на жените в ерата на цифровите технологии (A8-0048/2016 – Terry Reintke)
април 28, 2016

Защита на висшите интереси на детето (в трансграничен план) в Европа (разискване)

Ilhan Kyuchyuk (ALDE ), in writing

Unfortunately, there are no uniform rules applicable in all EU countries for child adoption (every country applies its own rules and procedures). Therefore, in the best interest of the child, we should promote cooperation among member states in cross border matters relating to children. In particular, we should focus on adoption practices in cross-border cases and sharing of best practices of child welfare services across the member states.

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