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July 9, 2015
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September 7, 2015

Srebrenica commemoration (debate)

Honorable Mr. President,

Honorable Mrs. Commissioner,

Dear Colleagues,

The terrible events happened 20 years ago in Srebarnitsa can be interpreted from various angles, but they must remind us the most important- that the transition from the Totalitarian regime into Democracy with civil society on the Balkans was marked with bloody ethnic conflicts.

On this background my home country the Republic of Bulgaria managed to realise peaceful transition, very well known as the Bulgarian ethnic model. It was the main landmark to our way to EU and NATO membership. With the active role of the liberal party MRF the expectations of many analyzers were disapproved that the biggest bloody ethnic conflict would occur in Bulgaria because of the forcible name changes of the Bulgarian Muslims.

20 years after the events in Srebrenitsa and the tragedy of the Muslims from Bosna it is evident what difficult and painful way went the Balkans.

That tragedy reminiscence in Srebrenitsa reminds us that Europe is morally indebt to the Western Balkans. In two decades the countries in the region went through irreconcilable ennemies into partners with common Euro-Atlantic cause. They have the right to live in a true European Multicultural Union.

Thank you for your attention!


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