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March 23, 2019
Renew Europe MEPs discussed Mobility Package with Transport Ministers
July 24, 2019

Ilhan Kyuchyuk: The Mobility package is against the founding European values and the idea of a single market

Although the vote on the controversial Mobility package was postponed by the European Parliament, on Wednesday morning the political groups held a debate on the subject and assessed the achievements while the Bulgarian carriers protested in front of the parliament building. The MRF Member of the European Parliament Ilhan Kyuchyuk also participated in the debate. He did not fail to defend the Bulgarian position and opposed the irresponsible adoption of the three draft legislations.

“It is good to have a debate on this topic because it shows the different points of view and the complexity of the topic. The Mobility package is against with the founding European values ​​and the idea of ​​a single market. In any case, this approach to the problem does not help to build the single market, but on the contrary – it destroys the single market”.

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