Приоритетите на ЕС за сесиите на Съвета на ООН по правата на човека през 2016 г. (RC-B8-0050/2016, B8-0050/2016, B8-0052/2016, B8-0056/2016, B8-0063/2016, B8-0064/2016, B8-0065/2016, B8-0066/2016)
януари 21, 2016
Споразумение за стабилизиране и асоцииране между ЕС и Косово (A8-0372/2015 – Ulrike Lunacek)
януари 21, 2016

Клаузата за обща отбрана (член 42, параграф 7 от ДЕС) (RC-B8-0043/2016, B8-0043/2016, B8-0045/2016, B8-0051/2016, B8-0057/2016, B8-0058/2016, B8-0059/2016, B8-0060/2016)

Ilhan Kyuchyuk (ALDE ), in writing

By invoking article 42(7) TEU instead of article 222 TFEU (the so-called ‘solidarity clause’), France chose an intra—government approach rather than an institutional one. In this regard, we can conclude that the activation of Article 42(7) represents an important test for Member States since they are obliged to provide ‘aid and assistance by all means in their power’ to support France. There is no doubt that the best way to pass this test for Member States is to take their commitments under Article 42(7) TEU seriously. This refers to the point that Member States should be well prepared not only to provide immediate support (whether it is political, military of financial) but also to bear the cost of such support. Moreover, to achieve better application in future applications of Article 42(7), Member States should use the full potential of the European institutions, especially the EEAS and the Commission. Moreover, this will facilitate cohesion between the EU institutions and Member States, which will hopefully result in further integration.

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