Разплодни животни и зародишни продукти от тях (A8-0288/2015 – Michel Dantin)
април 12, 2016
Споразумение за стратегическо сътрудничество между Бразилия и Европол (A8-0070/2016 – Claude Moraes)
април 12, 2016

Конвенция на Организацията на обединените нации по морско право: аспекти, свързани с риболова (A8-0042/2016 – Norica Nicolai)

Ilhan Kyuchyuk (ALDE ), in writing

I have voted for the resolution because there is no doubt that we should support efforts made by the UN (in particular UNGA) to move the issue of marine biological diversity beyond areas of national jurisdiction to a point where an internationally legally binding instrument can be foreseen. In fact, it is our common international duty to suppress the increased pressure on the sustainability and conservation of the marine biodiversity caused by marine activities. In this context, I fully believe that the EU should play an important role not only in development of this new instrument but also in its implementation process because the Union has experience in regulation and coordination of marine activities beyond areas of national jurisdiction.

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