Положението в Еритрея (B8-0318/2016, B8-0319/2016, B8-0320/2016, B8-0321/2016, B8-0322/2016, B8-0323/2016, B8-0324/2016)
март 10, 2016
Въвеждане на спешни автономни търговски мерки по отношение на Република Тунис (A8-0013/2016 – Marielle de Sarnez)
март 10, 2016

Към просперираща икономика, основана на данни (B8-0308/2016)

Ilhan Kyuchyuk (ALDE ), in writing

Nowadays we are living in a time of the fourth industrial revolution. The fourth industrial revolution has been characterised by the advance of technology and availability of vast amounts of data. Looking from this perspective it is obvious why the EU should support and accelerate the transition towards a data-driven economy in Europe. Availability of information and knowledge definitely will stimulate research and innovation while at the same time will many opportunities for businesses across Europe. Furthermore, data driven economy will improve competitiveness and make better citizen’s life. In this context, it can be argued that data driven economy will bring productivity growth to the EU. In fact, another reason why we should support it and facilitate it.

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