Споразумения за асоцииране / задълбочени и всеобхватни споразумения за свободна търговия с Грузия, Молдова и Украйна (разискване)
януари 20, 2016
Приоритетите на ЕС за сесиите на Съвета на ООН по правата на човека през 2016 г. (RC-B8-0050/2016, B8-0050/2016, B8-0052/2016, B8-0056/2016, B8-0063/2016, B8-0064/2016, B8-0065/2016, B8-0066/2016)
януари 21, 2016

Мирният процес в Колумбия (RC-B8-0041/2016, B8-0041/2016, B8-0042/2016, B8-0053/2016, B8-0054/2016, B8-0055/2016, B8-0061/2016, B8-0062/2016)

Ilhan Kyuchyuk (ALDE ), in writing

I supported the resolution because the ongoing Colombian peace process represents to us a historic opportunity to end one of the longest and bloodiest internal conflicts on the Earth. Colombia’s decades of civil conflict resulted in the death of more than 6 million people, the displacement of 220 000 people and the disappearance of 45 000 people. These numbers are not only shocking, but also are a warning. In fact, they remind us that we should not miss this opportunity to end violence, drug trafficking, arms trafficking, slavery, terrorism, massive violation of human rights and atrocities committed by both sides. Therefore, the EU should have an active role in the negotiation process in order to guarantee that a final peace deal will be signed. Because Colombia’s problems are not only its responsibility, particularly since they have become regional and global ones.

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