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септември 4, 2015
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октомври 6, 2015

Насърчаване на младежкото предприемачество чрез образование и обучение (кратко представяне)

 Ilhan Kyuchyuk (ALDE ), in writing

I would like to express my support for the report on ‘Promoting youth entrepreneurship through education and training’. I am convinced that in order to promote youth entrepreneurship, we should start from education. Investing in all levels of education, in training and in developing transversal and soft skills is essential, because being entrepreneurial requires acquisition of different skills – not just to start a business, but also to plan it, run it and develop it.

Being entrepreneurial also helps us achieve sustainable employment and reveal our full potential. Entrepreneurial education develops a sense of initiative which will help young people with their own initiatives and their everyday life – NOT only for their companies and associations.

I do realise that youth entrepreneurship cannot completely solve the youth unemployment problem, but it is definitely one of the solutions, especially acknowledging that having an entrepreneurial mind-set is highly beneficial for the development of the creative sector, something that Europe very much needs in order to get back to growth and strengthen Europe’s competitiveness.

To encourage, help and support youth entrepreneurship we need a sustainable approach – we cannot achieve that with a single instrument. It requires sustainable, purposeful, long-term actions. I am happy that in this report we managed to set our clear direction.

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