Положението в Саудитска Арабия и Иран (разискване)
януари 19, 2016
Споразумения за асоцииране / задълбочени и всеобхватни споразумения за свободна търговия с Грузия, Молдова и Украйна (разискване)
януари 20, 2016

Политики в подкрепа на придобиването на умения с оглед на борбата срещу безработицата сред младите хора (A8-0366/2015 – Marek Plura)

Ilhan Kyuchyuk (ALDE )

Mr President, I voted in favour of this extremely important report aiming to tackle one of the biggest challenges that Europe faces: the unprecedentedly high rate of youth unemployment, which reaches 50% in some Member States. Our objective must be to equip individuals with the necessary transversal competences that support active and responsible citizenship in democratic and increasingly diverse societies, acknowledging that the labour market is changing far too fast and that forecasting precisely the skills the future needs is not really possible. Students should be taught more broadly. We also have to support Member States in enhancing their cooperation and exchanging good practices in the field of education and training, in particular in implementing work-based learning. Young people must have the technical skills, entrepreneurial mind-set, language competences and confidence of course, but they need to adapt over the course of their lifetimes and achieve a sustainable school to work transition.

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