Хуманитарната ситуация в Йемен (B8-0147/2016, RC-B8-0151/2016, B8-0151/2016, B8-0152/2016, B8-0153/2016, B8-0155/2016, B8-0158/2016, B8-0160/2016)
февруари 4, 2016
Доклад за напредъка на Сърбия за 2015 г. (B8-0166/2016)
февруари 4, 2016

Положението в Либия (RC-B8-0146/2016, B8-0146/2016, B8-0169/2016, B8-0170/2016, B8-0177/2016, B8-0178/2016, B8-0179/2016, B8-0180/2016, B8-0181/2016)

Ilhan Kyuchyuk (ALDE ), in writing

The situation in Libya is disturbing. Just across the Mediterranean Sea, anarchy, chaos and violence are spreading. Nowadays in Libya there is an ongoing civil war, an enormous migration crisis and the presence of a brutal terrorist organisation, Daesh. Because of growing instability oil-rich Libya can be considered a failed state. There is no doubt that in this complicated situation the EU should act quickly in order to avoid the spread of instability and terror in the region and beyond. We should bear in mind that this neighbouring failed state represents a real threat to the EU’s security and stability. Therefore, the EU should urge Libya’s rival politicians to accept the creation of an UN-backed unity cabinet. A united Libyan cabinet will have a significant chance to restore stability and peace in a war-torn country. In case that unity cabinet is formed, the EU has to provide extensive development assistance and aid in order to support the future institution-building process in the country.

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