Доклад за Албания за 2015 г. (разискване)
април 13, 2016
Епидемията, предизвикана от вируса Зика (B8-0449/2016)
април 13, 2016

Положението в Полша (B8-0461/2016, B8-0463/2016, B8-0464/2016, B8-0465/2016)

Ilhan Kyuchyuk (ALDE ), in writing

It is our common European duty to respond to controversial new laws that have given the Polish government more control over the media, right to appoint the heads of public TV and civil service directors. We cannot tolerate legislative and administrative practices that are not in accordance with our common EU law and our common European values such as democratic principles, the rule of law and fundamental rights. Therefore, I am calling on Polish government to engage in structured dialogue with the European Commission in order not only to find working solutions to worrying political developments but also and perhaps most importantly to preserve democracy, rule of law and fundamental rights in Poland. In the name of democracy, in the name of Poland and the EU we should never accept to give up our freedom and we should ever protect it.

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