Съобщение относно изпълнението на европейската програма за миграцията (разискване)
март 8, 2016
Хармонизирани индекси на потребителските цени (A8-0313/2015 – Roberto Gualtieri)
март 8, 2016

Положението на жените бежанци и жените, търсещи убежище, в ЕС (A8-0024/2016 – Mary Honeyball)

Ilhan Kyuchyuk (ALDE ), in writing

There is no doubt that we are facing the worst ever refugee crisis in the history of Europe. In fact, the level of migration to Europe is very high which means that the scale of human tragedy is unmeasurable. It is not a secret that in this critical humanitarian situation, human trafficking is on the rise. Smugglers from Sub-Saharan Africa to Scandinavia indiscriminately abuse refugees’ human rights, disappear with family’s life savings, leave boats on purpose to stop anyone returning to shores, or sell the most desperate people to organised crime groups that which are involved in drug and organ trafficking. Unfortunately, all along the migration routes, the most vulnerable victims are women and children. Therefore, the EU should do whatever it takes to protect the most vulnerable. We cannot allow women and children to be treated and exchanged like slaves. We should provide all along the migration routes to Europe safe spaces for women and children, vital services, vital services, family tracing and protection. We should save lives rather than facilitate violence, exploitation and trafficking.

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