Минимална стандартна ставка на ДДС (A8-0063/2016 – Peter Simon)
април 12, 2016
Продукти с произход от определени страни от АКТБ (A8-0010/2016 – Jarosław Wałęsa)
април 12, 2016

Споразумение между ЕС и Макао относно някои аспекти на въздухоплавателните услуги (A8-0072/2016 – Dieter-Lebrecht Koch)

Ilhan Kyuchyuk (ALDE ), in writing

I supported the agreement on air services between the European Union and the Government of Macao because in practice it replaces certain provisions in the existing 15 bilateral air services agreements concluded between EU Member States and Macao.

To clarify this statement, it is important to emphasise the fact that traditionally international aviation relations between Member States and third countries have been governed by bilateral air services agreements. In the long term, these agreements have broken EU laws and have promoted anti-competitive practices. Therefore, the negotiated agreement with Macao will solve many issues when it comes to safety, taxation and compatibility with competition rules. Last but not least, it will become example for other countries.

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