Евродепутатът Илхан Кючюк номинира политически дисидент за наградата „Сахаров“
май 26, 2016
Изказване относно предоставянето на макрофинансова помощ на Тунис
юни 8, 2016

Стратегията за единния пазар (A8-0171/2016 – Lara Comi)

Ilhan Kyuchyuk (ALDE ), in writing

I supported the resolution because the EU single market has brought tremendous benefits for both European citizens and European business. Yet the full potential of free movement of goods, services and capital has been unexploited because of ever changing environment of the market. Therefore, the EU should adapt new ideas and measures proposed by the new Single market strategy in order to stimulate competition, trade, efficiency and quality on the market. The new Single market strategy aims to improve mobility for services providers, ensure the growth of innovative businesses and enhance access to goods and services throughout the EU. Most importantly, the strategy focuses on helping business, and in particular SMEs, micro-enterprises and start-ups. These business are not only the backbone of EU economies but also are the main engine of growth and job creation within the EU. In this regard, we should support the Single market strategy because it aims to unlock the full potential of the EU Single market by promoting entrepreneurship and development.

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