Завръщане към нормалното функциониране на Шенгенското пространство
май 11, 2016
Предотвратяване и борба с трафика на хора (A8-0144/2016 – Catherine Bearder)
май 12, 2016

Ускоряване на изпълнението на политиката на сближаване (B8-0562/2016)

Ilhan Kyuchyuk (ALDE ), in writing

The cohesion policy is EU’s main investment and development policy that covers all EU regions. By enhancing social and economic cohesion it aims to bring the EU closer to its citizens. Having said that, in order for all regions to become competitive and to facilitate investment, we should accelerate the implementation of the cohesion policy. Timely implementation is the key not only for the successful fulfilment of the Europe 2020 strategy, in which the cohesion policy is a central pillar, but also to avoid Member States’ decommitment of funds. It is important to note that achieving timely implementation will require administrative capacity building both at national and regional level. Therefore, the Commission should support the strengthening of Member States’ administrative capacity. We should launch effective communication policy in order to raise public awareness of cohesion policy implementation so people to gain a better understanding of the results and impacts of cohesion policy.

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