Положението на жените бежанци и жените, търсещи убежище, в ЕС (A8-0024/2016 – Mary Honeyball)
март 8, 2016
Доклад за Черна гора (2015 г.) (разискване)
март 9, 2016

Хармонизирани индекси на потребителските цени (A8-0313/2015 – Roberto Gualtieri)

Ilhan Kyuchyuk (ALDE ), in writing

The harmonised indices of consumer price (HICP) are designed to measure inflation in a harmonised manner across member states. The Commission and the European Central Bank use the HICP in their assessment of price stability in member states. As we all well know maintaining price stability is very crucial task since it makes significant contribution to general welfare, including levels of economic activity and employment. In this regard, it is more than necessary member states in the euro area to provide early provisional information on the monthly harmonised indices of consumer price. By doing this member states will have the opportunity to conduct monetary policy in the euro area that is needed and right.

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