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декември 17, 2015
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януари 18, 2016

Евентуална опасност от смъртно наказание за Ибрахим Халауа

Ilhan Kyuchyuk (ALDE ), in writing

The arbitrary detention of Irish citizen Ibrahim Halawa represents a violation of human rights, international and Egyptian law. It is totally unacceptable for people to be detained, tortured and treated in an inhuman manner just because they have exercised their core human rights of freedom of expression and assembly. What is more, Ibrahim Halawa is potentially facing the death penalty for both his ‘crimes’ (freedom of expression and peaceful assembly).

The EU is the leading institutional actor and largest donor to the fight against the death penalty and is committed to abolition of the death penalty worldwide. Having regard to that, we should condemn not only the application of the death penalty in Egypt but also we should call on the country’s authorities for the immediate release of the European citizen Ibrahim Halawa who has faced unfair trial.

Last but not least, the EU should engage in a constructive dialogue with the Egyptian authorities in order to change its low level human rights record. As our common European history teaches us, better human rights record equals development, peace and prosperity. These are things that our partner Egypt needs right now.

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