Хуманитарната ситуация в Йемен (B8-0147/2016, RC-B8-0151/2016, B8-0151/2016, B8-0152/2016, B8-0153/2016, B8-0155/2016, B8-0158/2016, B8-0160/2016)
февруари 25, 2016
Откриване на преговорите за сключване на споразумение за свободна търговия между ЕС и Тунис (B8-0255/2016)
февруари 25, 2016

Откриване на преговорите за ССТ с Австралия и Нова Зеландия (B8-0250/2016)

 Ilhan Kyuchyuk (ALDE ), in writing

The opening of free trade agreement negotiations with Australia and New Zealand represents a significant step forward for economic growth and prosperity for all involved sides. An agreement will ensure EU trade reaches its full potential, particularly in the context of the eastern shift in the world’s economy. For Australia, removing trade barriers with the EU, which is the country’s third largest trading partner, will definitely result in increased export growth. On the other hand, for New Zealand, a trade deal with the EU will be beneficial for inward investment since the EU represents the country’s second largest source of investment. Last but not least, the FTA with Australia and New Zealand will not only highlight our common interests such as economic growth, human rights, security and peace but also facilitate political cooperation.

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