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July 21, 2020
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The MRF delegation in the European Parliament supported the demands for more ambitious EU budget, and its commitment to the rule of law

Ilhan KYUCHYUK, Iskra MIHAYLOVA and Atidzhe ALIEVA-VELI in the EP in Strasbourg

In an extraordinary plenary session, the European Parliament voted  a resolution,  reflecting the institution’s position on the agreement reached within the Council between Member States on the long-standing EU budget and the plan to rebuild the European economy.

MEPs from the Movement for Rights and Freedoms – Ilhan Kyuchyuk, Iskra Mihaylova and Atije Alieva – voted in favor of a resolution, reflecting  the EP’s position on the agreement reached in the European council last week on the EU’s multiannual financial framework and recovery fund.

The resolution voted by the EP welcomes the agreement reached within the Council on the Recovery Fund as an instrument to boost the European economy. At the same time, it insists on more ambitious terms of providing new own resources to the EU budget. It needs more courage in funding horizontal EU programs in the common interest: in the areas of health, research, education, digital transformation and innovation.

Bulgarian MEPs pointed out  that, as part of the Renew Europe Group, they have consistently insisted  on tools for immediate recovery and achieving sustainability for the economies and employment of Europeans’. They declared  themselves in favor of a bold approach to environmental and digital transition, in full respect of the rule of law by all EU member states.

MEPs of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms welcomed the Council’s view that 30% of the total expenditure on the EU’s long-term budget and the Next Generation EU recovery instrument should be directed to climate-related projects and green recovery measures. They pointed out that the new multiannual financial framework must ensure sustainability, but also future-oriented policies. In addition, they marked that the new European budget and the EU’s unprecedented involvement in capital markets enhance the Union’s role as an international and economic factor. They must be bound by conditions for spending of these funds, in compliance with the high democratic standards and the rule of law in the Member States.

Last but not least, Ilhan Kyuchyuk, Iskra Mihaylova and Atije Alieva-Veli emphasized the need for adequate action to ensure the stability and continuity of key EU policies.. Bulgarian MEPs stressed the importance of the European Parliament’s request for bold budget reform and the role of the institution in seeking a compromise for the future of financial instruments after 2020.

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