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“Despite global closure, we remain open to the world because empathy and responsibility are our DNA. To pay attention to the future today, first of all, means to look at the opportunities that this new situation in the world offers us.”, said during his introductory remarks, the former president of the Youth MRF Ilhan Kyuchyuk.

The VIII National Conference of the Youth MRF was held under the title “Youth MRF – The Future Today!”, entirely online with the participation of 357 delegates. This is the first party conference in Bulgaria, which is held completely digitally, in order to comply with the social distance and the recommendations given by the World Health Organization in connection with the pandemic of COVID-19.

At the beginning of the conference, the MEP and former president of the Youth MRF Ilhan Kyuchyuk presented a report, examining in detail the work of the organization for the past term. Among the main topics Kyuchyuk addressed in his report were the global challenges facing the world due to the pandemic; the responsibility that young people must take for the construction of modern Bulgarian society; the personal cause of each member of the Youth MRF for the rights and freedoms of citizens; the active participation of young people in EU policies, as well as the positioning of young people in the MRF in the debate on the conference on the future of Europe.

“Our European partners trust our young people. For the first time in our history, a member of the Youth MRF is the president of the European Young Liberals. And at the same time we have a vice president of the World Young Liberals.”, said the MEP.

Kyuchyuk expressed his sincere gratitude to the Honorary Chairman Dr. Ahmed Dogan, to the Chairman Mr. Mustafa Karadayi, to the leaderships of the MRF and the Youth MRF for the continuous work and the provided opportunities for development.

In addition to the delegates from all over the country, the VIII National Conference of the Youth MRF was attended by the Chairman of the MRF Mustafa Karadayi, members of the Central Committee of the MRF, MPs, MEPs and international guests.

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