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Ilhan Kyuchyuk: Small and medium-sized businesses are at the core of the European recovery

On the one hand “Green Deal” is defined as a historic opportunity for economic transformation, but on the other, it challenges the industrial engines in a number of EU countries

MRF / Renew Europe MEP Ilhan Kyuchyuk hosted an online conference: “THE GREEN DEAL AND ITS IMPACT ON SMALL AND MEDIUM-SIZED BUSINESSES”, and was attended by politicians, experts, business representatives and NGOs.

“The EU is investing heavily in small and medium-sized enterprises during the crisis because it believes they are at the heart of European recovery. The green deal is not a sectoral policy, it goes far beyond environmental issues. Its scope is quite wide – it has an impact on transport, agriculture, industry, etc. “ , said MEP Ilhan Kyuchyuk at the opening of the conference.

The theme is particularly relevant and significant, considering that the Green Pact is among the six leading initiatives of the European Commission, forming a key part of the plan of the President of the European Commission, voices the EU recovery. The Green Deal is defined as a historic opportunity for economic transformation, but at the same time it challenges the industrial engines in a number of EU countries, including Bulgaria.

“The Green deal is a huge opportunity to reform the economies. Europe aims to become the first climate neutral continent, but aims to be a competitive economy. The transitional instruments we are working on concern the most affected areas, private investments and the public sector. ”, he said.

During the meeting they discussed the benefits and opportunities provided by the ambitious initiative, namely the reduction of greenhouse gases – less waste, less use of materials, less pollution, and that economic growth is not dependent on non-renewable resources . At the same time, the challenges facing small and medium-sized businesses were taken into account.

Participating in the virtual meeting were: the chairman of the association “Ludogorie” – Myumyun Myumyun, Mustafa Ahmedov – moderator; Prof. Emil Panushev, Head of the Department of Circular Economics, VFU; Nikolay Mihailov, expert in the Circular Economy Department, Denkstad Bulgaria; Kremena Dimitrova, expert in financial mechanisms – environment and innovation and the executive director of the Union “Made in Bulgaria” – Plamen Grozdanov.

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