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Ilhan Kyuchyuk: North Macedonia has formed a pro-European government

MEP Ilhan Kyuchyuk (Movement for Rights and Freedoms, Bulgaria), who is the European Parliament’s Permanent Rapporteur on the Republic of North Macedonia, welcomed the formation of the new government in the country, approved  yesterday by parliament.

According to Kyuchyuk, the country needs political stability to continue reforms and a pro-European government to prepare a roadmap for EU accession:

“The Republic of North Macedonia held fair and legitimate elections in an extremely difficult situation of a global pandemic. Contrary to many expectations, the country responded in the best way by concluding an agreement to form a new government in a short period of time.

We must also mention Zaev’s emphasis on the neighborhood agreements with Bulgaria and the Prespa agreement with Greece as a basis for continuing reforms. The new government in Skopje, which is clearly pro-European, now has all the tools to continue the progress that North Macedonia has made in recent years. I believe that one of the first tasks of the new government is to prepare a roadmap for accession, based on a broad political consensus in the country. In the meantime, the EU Council should adopt the final text of the negotiating framework in order to convene the first intergovernmental conference as soon as possible,” Kyuchyuk commented.

The Renew Europe group, of which the MRF delegation to the European Parliament is a part, has repeatedly expressed its strong support for the European perspective of the Western Balkans, and North Macedonia in particular. Asked for comment, group chairman Dacian Ciolos (PLUS, Romania) said:

“I am confident that the government will be fully committed to the accession negotiations, while ensuring that the process has a transformative effect on society, openly and transparently involving all stakeholders.”

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