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Kyuchyuk and Pendarovski: Only way for Bulgaria and North Macedonia is building trust and friendship

The President of the Republic of North Macedonia thanked the MEP for his commitment and the adopted resolution marking the country’s efforts.

President of the Republic of North Macedonia Stevo Pendarovski is on a two-day visit to Brussels, where he is holding a series of working meetings, including with the EP’s standing rapporteur for the country, Ilhan Kyuchyuk.

They discussed the political dynamics in the relations between North Macedonia and Bulgaria and the challenges which the two countries face. They both agreed that there is no other path between the two neighbouring countries than building trust and friendship.

“The accession of the Republic of North Macedonia to the EU is of strategic interest not only for you but also for Bulgaria. That is why there is a need for dialogue, sincere relations and a return to the agreement of 2017,” stated Ilhan Kyuchyuk. Both countries are committed to joint efforts and trying to find common ground, according to him.

During the meeting, President Stevo Pendarovski thanked the EP for its continued support in the enlargement process, as well as personally to MEP and standing rapporteur for North Macedonia Ilhan Kyuchyuk for his commitment and the adopted resolution, which was noting the country’s efforts in all areas of reforms.

The talks focused on the opportunities for progress of North Macedonia in the sphere of European integration, in the context of the forthcoming meetings within the European Union, to be held in May and June this year, as well as on bilateral issues related to good neighbourly relations. The importance of holding an intergovernmental conference soon as well as official launching of EU accession negotiations was also emphasised.


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