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Liberals insisting for Ukraine’s European perspective

Liberals call for tougher sanctions against Russia and help for Ukraine. ALDE Co-Chair Ilhan Kyuchyuk held an extraordinary meeting today with liberal leaders in Europe to discuss Russia’s aggression in Ukraine and the subsequent steps taken by European partners to support Ukrainian citizens.

“Only five days ago, Putin started a brutal war in Europe. He is attacking Ukraine, a sovereign state with an internationally recognized territorial integrity. But not only Ukraine, the Russian president is attacking world peace, our values ​​and democracy. Liberals have always sided with European values, and now is the time to show our solidarity with Ukraine. “The European Union, the United States and Britain have imposed very severe sanctions on Russia, but together we can do more to stop Putin,” Kyuchyuk said at the opening of an extraordinary meeting of the Liberals, which took place online.

Ukrainian politicians also took part in the meeting, saying Russia-Ukraine talks near Pripyat would not work, but the Russian president was trying to gain time to regroup and then continue the war.

“On behalf of the whole of Ukraine, I express my sincere gratitude to the West. The sanctions that have been imposed have definitely affected Russia, but everything will collapse if there is a complete disconnection from the SWIFT system and the import of gas and oil from Russia is stopped. Europe is united, the whole of Ukraine is united. “This is not just a war of Ukraine, it threatens everyone,” Ukrainian politicians appealed.

Liberal leaders have unanimously voted in favor of Ukraine’s European perspective and are adamant that they will urge the country to become a candidate.

In conclusion, the Liberals issued a statement condemning Putin’s actions in Ukraine, but at the same time standing behind Russian citizens who risk arrest by opposing the war, which they describe as “Putin’s war.”

The declaration contains proposals for more sanctions that liberal leaders believe could stop Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, as well as a proposal to include Ukrainian President Zelensky’s party in the ALDE Liberal Family.

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