Meeting with Boriša Falatar, the presidential candidate for Bosnia
September 4, 2018
Ilhan Kyuchyuk hosted an event dedicated to the radicalisation of the Western Balkans
September 27, 2018

Screening of the movie “Radiogram” in the EP, initiated by Ilhan Kyuchyuk

Members and guests of the European Parliament had the chance to visit the screening of the movie “Radiogram”, initiated by Ilhan Kyuchyuk.

The screenplay, written by Rouzie Hassanova, has two interesting central points. One is the power of music, as we follow little Ahmet listening to glorious, forbidden rock’n’roll on an old radio. The other is the instinctive reaction against abuse and oppression: the local communist representative, Zahariev, seems willing to do anything in order to comply with a decision by the party asking all Muslims in the region to change their names to Christian ones.

At the crossroads of these two directions are Ali and Yasmin, Ahmet’s parents and the protagonists of the story. When the radio is broken, Ali’s journey to a town over the mountains to buy a new one becomes a symbolic, freeing endeavour intended to stress the importance of saying no to oppression.

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