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October 12, 2017
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October 24, 2017

ALDE Party President Hans van Baalen: MRF gives Bulgarian ethnic peace

MRF gives Bulgarian ethnic peace. This was declared by the president of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe /ALDE/ Hans van Baalen during the opening of the congress of the European Liberal Youth /LYMEC/.

As Baalen said, the politicians from the West can only take an example from  MRF. According to him, the president of MRF, Mustafa Karadayi, gives a democratic alternative even to the conservatives, the opposition. Baalen declaired that the Western Balkans can not be left alone. He was pleased from the achieved agreement between Sofia and Skopje and said that he is looking forward for one between Skopje and Athens. According to Baalen, if one country has met the requirements for Schengen, she must be accepted. An active involvement of young people in politics is needed, said Mustafa Karadayi and added that MRF traditionally has a special attitude to  young people. He also said that young people undoubtedly are our inspiration and also many times our corrective.

Karadayi announced  that everyone must unite against the enemies of the European values. We have to oppose the new nationalist ideas and movements, we have to oppose their entrance in the political governance of our countries, he also added. If Bulgaria takes place in democratic Europe, the nationalists must not enter the governance, although they are in the parliament. But in practice it is different – they are part of the government, even the main party sometimes  emulates them, said Karadayi. He thinks that the more we separate from our basic values, the harder we will find solutions to the problems in Europe.

Karadayi appealed that young people should never forget that the main value in the activities of the politicinans is the human. He also added that the result of our activities must be in favour of the human.

The president of Youth MRF, Member of te European Parliament and  vicepresident of ALDE Ilhan Kyuchyuk said that Europe must reform. He was certain that Bulgaria must lead in these reforms. The inclusion of the Balkans in the EU is without alternatives, because people live there, europen people – by territory, by mentality, by their understanding of community, this is what Europe needs.

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