Armenian genocide 100th anniversary (debate) (2)
April 15, 2015
Ilhan Kyuchyuk presented the first European games in Brussels
April 17, 2015

Armenian genocide 100th anniversary (debate)

Thank you Mr. Chairman,

Dear colleagues,

I am taking the ground not to talk of history, even less to argue about historic topics, because I think this is not expected from the European Parliament. To be honest I do not feel completely competent not because I did not read some of the books about the occasions, provoked that project of resolution which we are discussing now. I am sure that nevertheless you have heard or read something about certain topic it is enough to form your personal opinion but it is barely enough to pump your confidence to transform your personal opinion into common.

Dear colleagues, arguable historic events should not be transformed into present political conflicts. Whom is needed today the extrapolation of historic fault lines into nowadays division lines? Is this our goal? Who needs hatred and division when the world needs more than ever union.

The historic facts will always be such despite their approve or denial. I plead against the political use of historic facts just for its sake; against the probe in the history; against the choice of confrontation topics out of it. Turkey and Armenia are mature and developed democracies. They are capable to solve the problem between themselves in dialogue. I doubt that the debates in the European Parliament will contribute with something. On the contrary they would impede on the process.

In conclusion, I was born in the Balkans, a region marked with harsh conflicts but with unique ethnic tolerance. The great poet of the Balkans and Nobel laureate Ivo Andrich writes in his work about the bridges on which we should together walk to the future, and not to look back towards the past.

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