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April 20, 2020
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April 23, 2020

Ilhan Kyuchyuk to the “Trud” newspaper: Let’s act immediately!

I support the initiative of my colleagues in the Committee on Culture and Education of the European Parliament for several reasons. To start with, let me make one clarification: For me and my colleagues from the MRF, the voice of uncensored journalism has always been important. This is the only way for the EU citizens to choose their positions and point of view, and not have them be imposed.

But today we are witnessing an attack by an invisible enemy. People working in the field of culture and the media have been hit hard by the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. And this is a fact that cannot be disputed. To act immediately in support of the media is not just a call. The existence of respected publications, authors and journalists is put in question.

Today, more than ever, a special fund is needed to support the media and journalism. A fund to directly support news and quality journalism.

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