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November 7, 2014
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Ilhan Kyuchyuk was elected for member of the Human rights committee of the Liberal international

Илхан Кючюк от Либералния алианс (ДПС) в ЕП, който защитава проевропейската позиция в дебата. (© European Parliament - Audiovisual Unit)

Ilhan Kyuchyuk, member of the European parliament and President of Youth MRF was elected for member of the Human rights committee of the Liberal international.

On November 8 in Hong Kong was held the 193 Executive Committee of the Liberal international. There Ilhan Kyuchyuk was elected as member of the Human rights committee.

The committee constitutes of 13 members from different states, Ilhan Kyuchyuk is the youngest Bulgarian representative there.

“Today we witness a strategy and attempts to build new, providential and tolerant world. The attitude between the different states in Europe and the world are complex and intensive. Grave amount of my work in the Human rights committee will be dedicated to the search of solutions to improve the current institutional legal framework.”

The mission of the Committee is to be as framework for exchange of experience and good practices in advocacy, protection and encourage human and civil freedoms. Its members participate in the UN Human Rights Committee. They have the opportunity on behalf of the Liberal international to encourage reasonable politics for the development of human rights on national and international level.

According to Mr. Kyuchyuk this is not a personal acknowledgement, but a reword for the policy of the Movement for rights and freedoms to secure the rights and freedoms of the minority groups, to avoid ethnic and religious hatred and discrimination. It is acknowledgement of MRF big contribution in the development of the Liberal democracy.

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