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September 10, 2020
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October 1, 2020

Kyuchyuk to Osmani: Politicians’ work depends on historic commission decisions

Both expressed hope for a speedy resumption of work on the Joint Multidisciplinary Commission on the Neighborhood Agreement with the Republic of North Macedonia and are adamant that it will increase efforts to bridge historical differences

Renew Europe MEP Ilhan Kyuchyuk and Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani, who is on a working visit to Brussels, held a working meeting today. On this meeting they discussed the priorities of the new government in North Macedonia, the European integration of the country and the possibility of convening the first intergovernmental conference by the end of the year.

MEP Kyuchyuk, who is also the European Parliament’s permanent rapporteur for North Macedonia, expressed his readiness to work towards a constructive upcoming progress report for the country, but also did not hide the challenges facing North Macedonia on its path to the EU..

“As rapporteur of the European Parliament, I will work for an objective report reflecting what North Macedonia has achieved over the past year. The country has taken another successful step towards EU membership and the election results clearly show the will of citizens. The priorities that the new government has set in its agenda are also an impression, but in order for us politicians to do our job, it is necessary to overcome the historical differences between Bulgaria and North Macedonia .”

Both expressed hope that the Committee on Historical Affairs would soon come to positive conclusions on long-standing bilateral differences in the interpretation of historical issues that have burdened relations between the two countries for decades. Earlier this month, the Foreign Ministry of North Macedonia said it would continue to improve communication and political consultations with the Republic of Bulgaria and all relevant parties in the EU. The key message is that an important and complex process of dialogue has started, which involves rapprochement and building friendship through mutual respect, as two neighboring European countries.

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