Ilhan Kyuchyuk invited a group of students to visit the European Parliament
April 8, 2016
Implementation and review of the EU-Central Asia Strategy (debate)
April 12, 2016

Learning EU at school (short presentation)

Ilhan Kyuchyuk (ALDE )

Mr President, many citizens still do not have sufficient knowledge about the values on which European integration is based, nor how the European Union and its institutions function and directly influence their countries and their own activities. To help citizens understand that the European Union benefits our everyday life we need to bring the European Union closer to its citizens, explaining in practical terms what the EU does for each of us. Enhancing dialogue about European Union in our schools, associations and public spaces is essential, especially in the current situation of an increasingly globalised world which faces unprecedented challenges.

Teaching about the EU should reflect the complex relationship between the European Union and its Member States. It should be clear for all citizens that the EU has been shaped by its Member States with their unique histories and diverse cultures. I believe that an intercultural approach to education policy is highly needed.

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