Private sector and development (A8-0043/2016 – Nirj Deva)
April 14, 2016
2015 Report on Bosnia and Herzegovina (B8-0441/2016)
April 14, 2016

Meeting the antipoverty target in the light of increasing household costs (A8-0040/2016 – Tamás Meszerics)

Ilhan Kyuchyuk (ALDE ), in writing

I have voted for the text because one of the five headline targets of the Europe 2020 is to reduce poverty by lifting at least 20 million people out of the risk of poverty or social exclusion by 2020. In order to achieve these goals, firstly we should work to increase income of poor households by improving the effectiveness of social and employment policies. Secondly, we should effectively reduce household costs of poor households, in particular we should fight energy poverty through targeting existing renewable and energy efficiency projects on energy poor households. In light of this, we should work to make energy affordable to all EU citizens. I believe that fight against poverty in practice is a fight for the future of the EU and millions of Europeans thereby it is our moral duty to lead it to successful end.

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