Ilhan Kyuchyuk: I am expecting that the decision of the European Council for Northern Macedonia will be reviewed soon
December 16, 2019
The MRF delegation at the EP with a number of questions over Simeonov’s hate speech
December 16, 2019

MEP Ilhan Kyuchuk: In any European country, the cynic Simeonov would have long been history!

The MRF/Renew Europe MEP Ilhan Kyuchuk made a sharp speech from the European Parliament. The reason for that was the election of the extreme right nationalist Valeri Simeonov as Vice-president of the Bulgarian Parliament. “And if you are still asking yourself who I am talking about, let me remind you,” Mr Kyuchuk said and continued: “This is the person who was pushing elderly women on the border with Turkey when they came to vote or see their relatives. He had one and only one motive for that: they are ethnically different! He stated Roma mothers give birth as stray bitches … He called the mothers of disabled children “shrill women” with “supposedly sick children!”.

“In any other European country, this cynic would have long been in the history of politics. But in Bulgaria he is rewarded and empowered. What is even sadder, this has been done with the support of the Bulgarian parties in the EPP and PES”, continued Mr Kyuchuk.

He announced that MRF also had questions to the European Commission. “Madam Jourova, how will the Commission ensure the protection of the principles of tolerance and human dignity of European citizens enshrined in Article 2 TEU? We will ask such questions and insist on the answers! “, The MRF/Renew Europe MEP concluded.