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Plenary speech on education and training ET2020

Dear Chair,

Dear colleagues,

European cooperation in the field of education and training is voluntary but essential. Cooperation, and in particular exchange of best practices, have proven to be very useful means but yet very little is communicated within the Member States and the various bodies participating in the framework strategy.

We should encourage and further support Member States to ensure coherent, transparent and inclusive education in order to provide an appropriate response to the needs of the current diverse group of learners, in both formal and non-formal educational settings. Creating alternative learning pathways and facilitating the recognition of learning are vital means in widening access to education opportunities.

Better cooperation between Member States is needed on the establishment of new, innovative and interactive methods of teaching, training and learning, where individuals are active participants in the educational process. That will increase the attractiveness and effectiveness of the educational process and will enhance the development of students´ creativity.

Further efforts are needed with regard to improving early childhood education and foster its modernization as there is also an urgent need for reinforcement of the Renewed European agenda for adult learning.

I want to underline that better cooperation between the EU and the national authorise is required in order to find the right approach to swiftly, fully and sustainably integrate refugees, migrants and asylum seekers into the education and training systems and to ensure that those who have already obtain qualifications should get a proper recognition.

Concluding, I must underline  the importance of better monitoring in order to successfully implement Education and training strategies.

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