Annual report on Human Rights in the world in 2014 (debate)
July 8, 2015
Review of the European neighbourhood policy (A8-0194/2015 – Eduard Kukan)
July 9, 2015

Recent terrorist attacks (debate)

Honorable Mr. President,

Honorable Mr. Commissioner,

Dear Colleagues,

On the South from our boarders the Arab world is facing unprecedented conflicts that led to raising of terrorism and radical organizations. From Libya to Syria whole states collapse. From Paris to Sus we are all victims of terroristic brutality. We are all in the eye of the bull, all Europeans and Arabs, Christians and Muslims, and we should together face those challenges.

The Terrorism is the biggest threat of our security and it must be neutralized. We must mobilize all our available resources in the name of stability and security in all conflict zones.

The challenges in front of Europe today oblige it to make important choice- even I would say strategic in order to respond to the threats of terrorism. We need not isolation to ourselves, but more democracy and tolerance as guaranty for the true multicultural society.

Thank you for your attention!


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