Plenary speech: The European integration process of Kosovo
March 11, 2015
Energy Union and the collective conclusion of energy supply contracts
March 16, 2015

Relations between the EU and the League of Arab States and cooperation in countering terrorism

Dear Mrs. Minister,

Dear Colleagues,

Today terrorism appears to be the world’s biggest threat. Under its menace are all the citizens, regardless of their ethnic or religious belonging.

I warmly welcome the initiated diplomatic efforts on behalf of the Arab League for complex and coordinated actions against the terroristic threat and extremists‘ violence.

Mrs. Minister, the fight with terrorism must fully guarantee the respect of the international standards in concern with the human rights. The share of intelligence information with third countries and the initiation of instruments to limit the financing of terroristic organizations are of grave importance. I find the proposal for initiation a post of security attaché to each of the EU delegations as opportunity for better coordination. Another instrument would be the increased security partnerships in the renewed European neighbourhood policy.

Along with the new European strategy for International Anti-terrorism it is necessary to increase the intercultural and interethnic dialogue. This dialogue must be held as in the EU itself, so outside it. I deeply believe that the backbone of security is freedom, and the diversity is in the basis of each freedom.

Thank you for your attention!


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