October 14, 2017

ALDE Party President Hans van Baalen: MRF gives Bulgarian ethnic peace

As Baalen said, the politicians from the West can only take an example from  MRF. According to him, the president of MRF, Mustafa Karadayi, gives a democratic alternative even to the conservatives, the opposition. Baalen declaired that the Western Balkans can not be left alone. He was pleased from the achieved agreement between Sofia and Skopje and said that he is looking forward for one between Skopje and Athens. According to Baalen, if one country has met the requirements for Schengen, she must be accepted. An active involvement of young people in politics is needed, said Mustafa Karadayi and added that MRF traditionally has a special attitude to  young people.
October 12, 2017

ALDE Party leader Hans van Baalen concludes visit to Bulgaria

Hans van Baalen said that today Europe seems more relaxed and more ready to reform two years after the elections in the Netherlands, Germany, France and Austria, where the nationalist wave was defeated and isolated by the government, but expressed concern about the participation of nationalists in the Bulgarian government.
December 7, 2016

The ALDE Group met with Tim Farron – Leader of the Liberal Democrats

По време на срещата Фарън коментира, че е очевидно доброто отношение към Великобритания, но правителството трябва да приеме някои неприятни истини относно преговорите за Брекзит.