Plenary speech by Ilhan Kyuchyuk on International Roma Day and the recognition of the memorial day of the Roma genocide during World War II
March 30, 2015
Armenian genocide 100th anniversary (RC-B8-0342/2015, B8-0342/2015, B8-0343/2015, B8-0344/2015, B8-0346/2015, B8-0347/2015, B8-0348/2015, B8-0349/2015)
April 15, 2015

VP/HR — Cooperation in the field of security and defence in the Black Sea region

Parliamentary questions
31 March 2015

Question for written answer
to the Commission (Vice-President/High Representative)
Rule 130
Ilhan Kyuchyuk (ALDE)


 Subject:  VP/HR — Cooperation in the field of security and defence in the Black Sea region
In April 2007, the European Commission launched the ‘Black Sea Synergy’ (BSS) initiative on cooperation in the Black Sea region. The region is an expanding market with great development potential and is an important hub for energy and transport flows. At the same time, however, it is a region of unresolved frozen conflicts and inadequate border control, which is conducive to illegal migration and organised crime. Despite this, the communication on the BSS focused on economic cooperation and trade, placing little emphasis on cooperation in the field of security and defence.

The outbreak of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia in 2014 presented the Black Sea region with a new geopolitical challenge. Russia’s annexation of the Crimea gave it control of three quarters of Black Sea basin airspace and of hundreds of kilometres of sea on NATO and EU borders.

1. Does the EEAS believe that the Black Sea Synergy initiative as it stands has become irrelevant, and does it see a need to revise and update it? 2. Does the EEAS not think that a new strategy for the Black Sea region should be worked out which clearly focuses on cooperation within the framework of security and defence, and that this cooperation should be implemented in coordination with NATO?

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