International Roma Day – anti-Gypsyism in Europe and EU recognition of the memorial day of the Roma genocide during WW II (debate)
March 25, 2015
VP/HR — Cooperation in the field of security and defence in the Black Sea region
March 31, 2015

Plenary speech by Ilhan Kyuchyuk on International Roma Day and the recognition of the memorial day of the Roma genocide during World War II

Dear Mrs. Chairman,
Dear Mrs. Commissioner,
Dear Mrs. Minister,
It is 70 years after the events (atrocities) of the Nazi regime; the recognition of the Roma genocide again is a topic of the agenda of that institution. Today the Roma people are the biggest ethnic minority group in the European Union at the same time they are the most marginalized ones. It is pity that the majority of that community continues to suffer discrimination, social exclusion and racist attacks. This happens in the area of the European Union- the pillar of the freedom and human rights.
That is why, we are obliged to recognize this barbaric act from the Second World War and to sympathize with the sufferings of the Roma people as historic lesson, which must never be repeated. Thousands of Roma people were massacred in the death camps and our children must know about that mournful events from the history, because this is the best lesson in the fight with decimation. We are obliged to protect the minorities in their way to integration. This is part of our political responsibility, because freedom and equality of rights are in the basis of the European Union’s value system.
Thank you for your attention!

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