Financing for development (A8-0143/2015 – Pedro Silva Pereira)
May 19, 2015
Situation in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (debate)
May 20, 2015

Youth Employment Initiative (debate)

Honorable Mrs. President,

Dear Colleagues,

Our efforts to overcome the disturbingly high levels of youth unemployment should be common, purposeful and effective.

It is of utmost importance for us to make policy of youth support, that can give chance for realization and god preparation for their successful entrance to the labor market.
I highly estimate the actions undertaken up to this moment for raising the youth employment, including the accepted “Initiative for youth employment”.

However no matter the efforts 4.85 million youth were unemployed for February 2015 which is totally unacceptable. I was one of the MEPs who supported the EK’s proposal to raise the amount of  preliminary financing of the operational programmes linked to “Initiative for youth employment”, having in mind the serious difficulties for the member states when starting and operational programme. I know that the additional financing would not bring the aimed result by its own if the resources would not used quick and effective. In this respect I consider that Council should undertake immediate actions in order to secure that process.

I would like to ask what concrete measures the Council foresees to undertake in order to keep under close observation for the correct usage of those resources and to render an account adequately of the achieved results?

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