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Ilhan Kyuchyuk: We invariably insist on the European mechanism for democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights

The Committee on Legal Affairs today voted its opinion on the report on the establishment of an EU mechanism for democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights, on which the European Parliament is chaired by the Committee on civil liberties, justice and home affairs.

The text voted recalls that the EU does not yet have a legally binding mechanism for regular monitoring of the observance of fundamental values by the Member States and the Union institutions. It also states that the main objective of a future interinstitutional agreement on the Union Pact for Democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights should be preventive and corrective measures to deal with serious violations.

MEP Ilhan Kyuchyuk, who is the rapporteur for the Renew Europe Group, emphasized that the focus of the Committee on Legal Affairs is on the efficiency and independence of the judiciary, the uniform application of Union law and the strengthening of a common European legal culture, a cornerstone of mutual trust and the rule of law.

“The opinion voted contains the specific recommendations of the Committee on Legal Affairs on the report on the establishment of an EU democracy mechanism, the rule of law and fundamental rights, which after a plenary vote, will outline the European Parliament’s position on this mandate. At the same time, in the coming weeks, the European Commission will present the first annual rule of law report, which will cover all Member States’ observations and deepen the dialogue and general awareness of the rule of law in the EU.

“Since 2016 we overwhelmingly supported the report of our Liberal colleague Sophie in ‘t Veld, which called for a binding mechanism with clear, objective criteria for monitoring developments in all Member States, in the form of an interinstitutional agreement on the Union Pact for Democracy, the rule of law principles and fundamental rights. This firm position is also at the forefront of the new report by my colleague Michal Simecka, also from Renew Europe, whose report is the focus of the recommendations voted on today.

One of the distinguishing elements between the Commission’s position and that of the European Parliament is the insistence that monitoring the Member States, in addition to respecting the rule of law, also cover democracy and respect for fundamental rights. That is why, as rapporteur for the Committee on Legal Affairs, I have proposed that the European Commission, as guardian of the Treaties, step up its work on the implementation of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and establish, under the new mechanism, monitoring and dialogue with Member States. Member States in order to ensure that national legislative and judicial measures and practices comply with the provisions of the Charter. ”

“The understanding of most colleagues is that the new report should consolidate and repeal existing instruments. It should replace, for example, the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism for Bulgaria and Romania, which due to the lack of clear indicators and enshrined follow-up measures, is currently used only for political speaking purposes.

Working on a comprehensive EU mechanism for democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights is one of the main priorities of the Renew Europe Group in the European Parliament. We believe that it should be enshrined in a legal act binding Parliament, the Council and the Commission in a regulated process with clearly defined responsibilities, objective and fair criteria and concrete forced measures. Including budgetary conditionality, in cases of serious violations of our common principles. This unchanging position has always been supported by the delegation of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms “, added the Bulgarian MEP.

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