EU-China relations (A8-0350/2015 – Bas Belder)
December 16, 2015
20th anniversary of the Dayton Peace agreement (B8-1350/2015, RC-B8-1362/2015, B8-1362/2015, B8-1363/2015, B8-1364/2015, B8-1396/2015, B8-1397/2015, B8-1398/2015, B8-1401/2015)
December 17, 2015

Arms export: implementation of the Common Position 2008/944/CFSP (A8-0338/2015 – Bodil Valero)

Ilhan Kyuchyuk (ALDE ), in writing 

Due to endless conflicts, the worldwide arms trade is on the rise. The arms industry is a major industry for many EU Member States. However, what is disturbing is the basic fact that arms indeed are fuelling conflicts and causing sufferings and human rights violations. In this sense, the EU should take steps to limit the trade, or at least to force Member States to provide real data and information about their arms trade. If we possess good information about development of the arms market and trade then we can avoid not only human rights violations but also mass killing, ethnic cleansing and terrorist attacks.

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