European energy security strategy (debate)
June 9, 2015
Sport and Human Rights, including in the context of the Baku European Games (debate)
June 10, 2015

State of EU-Russia relations (debate)

Thank you Mr. President,

Dear Colleagues,

Today during the debates on Mr. Landsbergis’ report again we raise the issue about the relations between EU and Russia. The report makes very clear about our blemished relationship and questions the basic principles of security in Europe. Nevertheless we should ask ourselves a question: Does the EU envisage return to the previous relations with Russia and what action plan should the EU work out in order to go back on the way of dialogue?

Listing European politicians and MEPs in “blacklist” does not bring any progress. Furthermore it contributes for the Ukrainian conflict to become a frozen, and our experience with Georgia shows that this is a serious hamper for the development and the stability of the affected countries and for their closer relations with the EU. The use of Energy as predominant foreign affairs instrument presupposes that the crises will grow and its effects will disperse to different areas in the region. In this respect I support the quicker establishment of powerful European Energy Union.


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