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January 14, 2015
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January 27, 2015

Plenary speech on the situation in Egypt

Dear Mr, President,

Dear Mrs. Vice-President of the European Commission,

Dear Colleagues,

Today we are discussing the situation in Egypt exactly one year after the adoption of the country’s new Constitution. The Constitutional referendum was important first step to comprehensive political process, and the European Union supported it.

Unfortunately after the presidential elections in June the political situation still remains unstable. The government uses inordinate methods with respects to the factors triggering them. The isolation of particular part of the Egyptian society from the current political process in the country leads to erosion of the state system.

The death sentences, the violation of the human rights, the pressure on the civil society and the lack of freedom of speech that led to students’ and journalists’ arrests all have negative effect on the democratic process and the social and economic situation.

In line with the negative tendencies in the internal affairs we should render the active regional role of Egypt. The country succeeded in the mediation between Israel and Gaza in prevention the war in 2014, exerts efforts to establish the dialogue in Libya, gives new impetus on the talks with Ethiopia and Sudan in concern with the disputable Renaissance project and in October organized international donation conference to restore Gaza.

This is why we should establish dialogue and active cooperation with all representatives of the Egyptian society, because the continuation of the violence proves that there is no alternative to peace and stability except for constructive political dialogue.

Now the utmost importance is to support the realization of the parliamentary elections which to line the road to the successful conclusion of the democratic transition of Egypt.

Thank you for your attention!

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